Monday, 27 July 2009

Honour William Wallace - By Election Work This Saturday in Robroyston

Hello everyone from Esther Sassaman - I'm sitting in for Anne McLaughlin MSP in updating this blog while she's away on holiday.

This past weekend's work in Springburn had a fantastic turnout and great results on the doorstep! We also celebrated the one year anniversary of John Mason's fantastic victory in Glasgow East with a delicious cake!

Meanwhile, I wanted to let you know about the by election activity this Saturday (1 August) in Robroyston. We're meeting at 10:30am at Robroyston Retail Park, G33 1AD. We are meeting opposite the Dreams store besides Asda. You can view a map here.

If you're attending the Wallace Well commemoration in Robroyston at 2pm on Saturday, why not head up a bit early and join in the by election work?

I look forward to seeing you there!

And remember if you can't manage Saturday there are other opportunities to help - just look in the sidebar of the blog.

Friday, 24 July 2009

1st Anniversary of our victory in Glasgow East

Members are flooding the Glasgow North East constituency this weekend - meeting point is Springburn Shopping Centre (at the front) at 11am on Saturday 25 July. That just happens to be the first anniversary Saturday of our fantastic victory in Glasgow East last year when John Mason became an MP. Happy Anniversary John. Let's hope we're saying the same to David Kerr next year! If you want to remember how we all felt check out the Glasgow East blog from last year.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Thank you for a more than FAIR WEEKEND IN GLASGOW

What a fantastic weekend we had. Glasgow Fair Saturday saw the official launch of David Kerr (pictured with local members after his selection on Fri) as our by-election candidate.
He started the campaign "proper" just a few streets away from the Duke Street home where he started his life almost 36 years ago.
A fitting start to what, if the turnout from SNP members so far is anything to go by, will be a tremendous campaign. And if the feedback from Dennistoun people is replicated throughout the constituency, there's going to be everything to play for. So thank you for a brilliant Glasgow Fair and see you next weekend!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

James Dornan - "join us on Fair Saturday"

Pictured here is James Dornan with the first shift on last Saturday's by-election Day of Action (11 July).

And he'll be there next Saturday as will dozens of other SNP activists because we're in this to win it.

We spoke to James tonight and, in addition to the press statement in the post below, he had this to say:

"This by-election was never about me, it was always about giving the people of the North East of Glasgow the chance to elect an SNP MP and to see the real difference it can make.

"So, I'll be spending my Glasgow Fair Saturday campaigning in this by-election. This area really matters to the Scottish National Party and we'll be out in force from now until polling day. I look forward to seeing everyone next Saturday."

If you would like to join James Dornan and the campaign team, we will meet at 11am on Saturday 18th July for our "Fair Saturday Day of Action" at the car park to the left of the Somerfield on Alexandra Parade. That makes it easy for drivers, train folk (5 min walk from Alexandra Parade Station) and bus travellers (38 is just one of the buses coming from town).

Statement from James Dornan

James Dornan today decided to step aside as the by-election candidate for Glasgow North-East. The following statement was issued earlier today.

“In light of a report in one of today's newspapers, I have decided to step aside as the SNP candidate in the Glasgow North East by-election.

“In doing so, I want to make clear that I am not ashamed of having experienced financial difficulties in the past. Many people know only too well how that feels.

“I am taking legal advice on the suggestion that there may have been a technical breach of charities legislation by virtue of me being appointed a partner director of Culture and Sport Glasgow by Glasgow City Council, a position for which I received no financial gain whatsoever. However, I am absolutely clear that throughout the period of the Protected Trust Deed, I acted in good faith. I took advice about its implications and was advised that it was not a bar to holding public office.

“However, I am not prepared to allow this issue to overshadow the by-election or to be exploited by Labour as a distraction from the real issues of the campaign. Labour has let the people of Glasgow and Scotland down. This by-election is a chance for people to focus on the issues that matter and to elect an MP who will fight their corner. I believe that the SNP offers the prospect of real change for Glasgow North East and I am not prepared to allow allegations about me to get in the way of that.”

A spokesperson for the SNP said:

“This is an honourable decision by James Dornan. He is clearly putting the interests of the SNP and the Glasgow North East constituency ahead of his own

“There is absolutely no shame in experiencing financial difficulties. Many people - particularly in this economic climate - know what that is like. Nor is having a Protected Trust Deed any bar to holding public office or being a candidate for election.

“However, James has decided that he wants to take legal advice on the suggestion that his appointment as a partner director of Culture & Sport Glasgow might have constituted a technical breach of charities legislation. He has made clear that he doesn't want this issue to be a distraction from the real issues facing people in Glasgow North East and he is to be commended for that.

“The Party will now move immediately to arrange a selection meeting to choose a new candidate and we look forward to the campaign ahead in which we will contrast the positive record of the SNP with the failed policies of Labour.”

Thursday, 9 July 2009

James Dornan: leading from the front this Saturday

So, we've selected our candidate. James Dornan, pictured here leading from the front on one of the first Glasgow East by election nights will be the SNP's champion for Glasgow North East.
The pre launch work continues on Saturday, meeting at 11am at Ashfield Station. It'll be a chance for everyone to offer their support to James. See you there!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

SNP selects James Dornan as candidate

The Party has tonight selected James Dornan as the by-election candidate for Glasgow North East. James is an SNP councillor in Glasgow and Leader of the Opposition. He is pictured here with various members including MSPs Anne McLaughlin and Bob Doris and National Secretary Duncan Ross. Also pictured are his partner Cate and his two grandchildren Abigail and Mark.

For more on James Dornan click on this link.