Sunday, 12 July 2009

James Dornan - "join us on Fair Saturday"

Pictured here is James Dornan with the first shift on last Saturday's by-election Day of Action (11 July).

And he'll be there next Saturday as will dozens of other SNP activists because we're in this to win it.

We spoke to James tonight and, in addition to the press statement in the post below, he had this to say:

"This by-election was never about me, it was always about giving the people of the North East of Glasgow the chance to elect an SNP MP and to see the real difference it can make.

"So, I'll be spending my Glasgow Fair Saturday campaigning in this by-election. This area really matters to the Scottish National Party and we'll be out in force from now until polling day. I look forward to seeing everyone next Saturday."

If you would like to join James Dornan and the campaign team, we will meet at 11am on Saturday 18th July for our "Fair Saturday Day of Action" at the car park to the left of the Somerfield on Alexandra Parade. That makes it easy for drivers, train folk (5 min walk from Alexandra Parade Station) and bus travellers (38 is just one of the buses coming from town).

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