Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Help Reach Out to Voters This Saturday

David Kerr and the team are out campaigning in Glasgow North East and they need your help. It's a fantastic amount of fun and you can meet SNP supporters from across the country! Last week I was working with someone from Aberdeen who is originally from Spain, for instance.

Here are the ways you can assist this crucial by-election campaign on Saturday.

This Saturday (8 August) we will be working from a rendezvous point in Hogganfield Park Clubhouse. From 10.30am, we’ll be in the public car park off Cumbernauld Road, Glasgow G33.

For a map and directions, click:,-4.164591&sspn=0.017044,0.038581&ie=UTF8&ll=55.88169,-4.167166&spn=0.017043,0.038581&z=15

If you are available to campaign at other times, please contact Allison Hunter or Bob Doris.

Bob Doris on 07815 076 625 or

Allison Hunter on 07810 808 850 or

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