Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Shiny happy people - we've got rooms!

David looks pretty pleased.
Aileen insisted I stop publishing pics of her from behind :-)

One of the leaflet teams.

Some of our amazing catering corps - it's all coming together people!

Peter Murrell, the SNP's Chief Exec is always happy to muck in and the tea urn is a very important campaigning tool!

Allison is so happy not to have to spend the whole day standing in a carpark that she bought strawberries to celebrate.

The Soosiders!

Ari Mack, the By-election Manager, Cooncillor Billy McAllister and Bob Doris MSP.

Indygal and her niece Christie who was thrilled to be spending a weekend campaigning!

MPs John Mason and Stewart Hosie can't wait to welcome David Kerr to Westminster.

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