Saturday, 31 October 2009

Fantastic Friday

Quick report back from the fantastic response we got on Friday. Myself and Bob Doris MSP went along with Alex Salmond and David Kerr to visit Alive and Kicking, a group based in Red Road who provide so much for retired folk in Barmulloch, Springburn and wider afield. Alex got a rapturous response from the group of 70 folk in the hall about to have their Hallowe'en Party. And something that tells me we're doing really well in this by-election is that David Kerr also got an enthusiastic round of applause and more than a few cheers. This was from older working class folk who will traditionally have voted Labour but they were extremely welcoming to David. It's a good sign. We had a fantastic time. We went upstairs to listen to the singing group rehearse for their forthcoming concert and they asked Alex for a song. He duly obliged and in no time there was a big group of us gathered round the piano singing "The Bonnie Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond" - as one of the women said to me as we were leaving "that was just priceless"!

Anne McLaughlin

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